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Take the survey!

As part of my PhD researching the higher education and career pathways of people  from Orkney and Shetland  I am conducting a survey  of final year undergraduates from the Northern  Isles.

help wanted

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So, if you lived in Orkney or Shetland before going on to study for a degree, and you are due to graduate in 2015 please help me by filling in the survey.

The survey is available online at:

Alternatively you can download the Final Research Information Sheet and Survey.

Please help if you can, and help me to spread the word about the project too: email your friends, post the survey on Facebook or Twitter and generally help get people involved…! The more people take part the better the results of the research will be. Through my research I hope I will be able to find out more about what it is like for Orkney and Shetland students who go on to higher education, and help to inform careers and education services for future students from the islands.

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