Changing Times…

Careers advisers spend a great deal of time talking to people about how to make a career move, about taking (calculated) risks, about following what you love, about continuing to challenge yourself and continuing to learn… But how easy is it for us to take our own advice?  The answer for me at least is not that easy! But with that in mind, I have some news….

My sister-in-law captures my mood perfectly in this card.

I will shortly be leaving my job at the University of the Highlands and Islands (as Careers Manager) and moving on to a short term contract as a researcher. The research project is looking at models of care delivery suitable for some of the smaller island communities in Orkney, so it’s really close to my heart in terms of islands, island development and innovative models of service delivery suitable for island communities. It is a great opportunity for me to build on my research portfolio and I’m excited about getting stuck into doing a really focused piece of research with real benefit for some of the island communities that I live in.

As for my work in careers guidance, although I’m leaving my job I won’t be leaving careers behind! I will still be continuing with my PhD, and through this will be continuing to think about the career development of islanders and career guidance implications. In fact I’m hoping that moving job will ultimately allow me a bit more time and space to explore the full implications of my research including innovative and best practice in rural and remote careers work.

Although people have said to me that the move is a ‘brave’ one – leaving a permanent contract for a temporary one – from a careers adviser perspective I’m hoping it is a good one. I am following at least two things that I love (research, island communities) and extending my skills and experience. And I am continuing to work with my other main passion – careers guidance. Although I feel like it is a risk, because I don’t know exactly what will happen after the research contract, I have a few ideas about possibilities so hopefully it’s a calculated risk and hopefully more interesting and rewarding jobs will follow….



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  1. Congratulations on an excellent career choice 🙂 I am SURE something will turn up, perhaps something you would never expect, but if you put the Happenstance Learning-hat on, I am sure you will benefit and learn from whatever it is that awaits you around the corner. Looking forward to talking to you next week, Ingrid

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